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Electrolysis is the ONLY FDA approved method of PERMANENT hair removal.

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Electrolysis is the ONLY FDA approved method of PERMANENT hair removal.

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Sandra's Electrolysis is a great place to fulfill your hair removal needs. We provide a safe and comfortable environment so that, no matter who you are, you can feel at ease. Electrolysis is perfect for all skin types, all skin and hair colors, all genders, and all ages. Sandra's Electrolysis is conveniently located in Dallas near White Rock Lake and designed with your privacy in mind. Whether you choose skin care or electrolysis treatments the secret of your new smooth skin is safe with us.


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Electrolysis, a technique used for the destruction of unwanted hair follicles, has been in use since 1875. The treatment is delivered through a single, sterile probe / needle that is gently inserted into the hair follicle. You will not feel the insertion. When the probe reaches the end of the follicle where the hair root meets the dermal papilla (blood source to the hair follicle), a small amount of heat is emitted (which feels like a tingle). This heat dehydrates the bulb and basically cauterizes the junction between the hair root and the papilla; without a blood source the follicle dies.



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Electrologist: Terry Adams, C.P.E.


Electrologist: Erica Moreno